Tillandsia International

What to do when you receive your order

One of the most important factors to success of your Tillandsia business is how well you understand how to take care of the plants. Many people think that they are just air plants and they take care of themselves.

Please visit our web site  http://www.airplant.com and read our care instructions carefully (more than once).

When you receive your order, completely submerse the plants in water with a few drops of vitamin B or superthrive (all nurseries carry these products).  Then place the plants in a well-ventilated area where they can dry in no longer than 4 hours.  Light should be bright  and  filtered  from April to November (no direct sun).  November through March the plants can take direct sunlight (northern hemisphere).  Do not fertilize your new plants for at least 3 weeks.  Too much fertilizer and/or direct sun at the wrong time of the year will burn your plants.

Although we ship only healthy, high quality plants, it is important to remember they they are not perfect (nor is any living thing); minor leaf imperfections or plants that have a broken leaf can be trimmed away with scissors.  It is normal for Tillandsia to lose the bottom leaves when acclimating to there new environment.  These leaves can be trimmed off along with long roots if you desire.